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Influencing Others

To empower others, you need to influence them and effect a change in their thinking. This can be done through a direct use of your own energy, by asserting and persuading effectively.


We have all been guilty of doing something for another person to speed things up, and potentially thinking that it is helping you. Imagine a situation where: 


You have been pestering one of your people to complete some routine tasks - and you ask that person daily, but they give you excuse after excuse as to why they haven’t done what you want them to. when you start seeing that it is them in a difficult way, you may take control and complete the tasks yourself, or find someone else to do them...


Business Meeting

You walk away from that situation feeling as though you have at least finished something, and your employee is able to concentrate on things they want to do, you have 'helped' them do it.


What you have actually done is given yourself more work, more pressure, more stress, because that person could not be bothered to do things for themselves - because...they have you!


You have exerted more energy than needed allowing it potentially to impact your work load, your personal life and maybe much more.

"I designed the TAP-C™ Empowerment Model for a couple of reasons - firstly it is easy to grasp and secondly, the more you use it the more adept you will find yourself seeing people becoming more independent and responsive to situations, as they start using something called 'common sense' - which, sometimes we take away from people to make our lives easier!"

Jay Acharya

Once you have mastered the art of not telling them what to do; for the TAP-C™ technique to work you need to be prepared to listen and anticipate what outcomes you should have and any counterarguments they may bring up. There will be a time to mention these, but not immediately.

The technique is designed to start at the point of TELL, however this does not mean you must go through the next three stages and stop. The process is designed to be a cycle, and therefore you will again come back to TELL, and begin again.

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