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YOUR Intent
YOUR Potential
THINK Different

The iASPIRE2be Enterprise Training Programme (ETP) is aimed at developing and supporting people with ideas on new products or services, and simulating an incubator to evolve and grow them into a realistic business idea.

Our ACCREDITED programmes provide a solid foundation for the development of skills, knowledge and understanding needed to start a business, such as route to market, perfecting your pitch and creating your brand. It is a highly practical programme using facilitated discussion, self-study, practical exercise and case study.

By attending this programme, we will support you with your Executive Summary, Business sales Pitch, and your Business Sales Model, that we will help you build, step-by-step through the programme.


The programme is deliberately designed as 5 + 2 days so that we can work with you over a period of 6 months to insure your success. As well as attending the programme we will offer 2 coaching sessions to further support your development.


The programme will help you to:


  • Understand what enterprise and entrepreneurship is

  • How to network effectively

  • Understanding your finance within your own business

  • Know how to penetrate the right markets

  • Negotiation and influencing skills

  • Develop your business plan

  • Improve your pitching and selling skills




Day One

Introduction of Workshop

Day Two

Business Planning

Day Three

Marketing your Brand

Day Four

Managing the Business


Day Five


Coaching to be offered at 6 weeks for 2 hours per person

Day Six - Midpoint meet up at 3 months

Coaching to be offered at 6 weeks for 2 hours per person

Day Seven - Final meet up at 6 months - closure of incubator

Introduction of programme and facilitators

Presentation and introduction per delegate

- Business concept

- Business idea

- Learning expectations

Open the Incubator

Personal action logs

Understanding a business model

- Introduction to a business plan

- Case study

Subject specialist speaker

Facilitated discussion

Group work

Personal action logs


What is your brand worth?

- Case Study

Your digital solutions

- Website

- Understanding SEO

- Subject specialist speaker

- Social Media

Selling your business

Marketing and PR

Personal action logs

Finance for non-financial people

Linking your strategy to your finances

- Case study

Subject specialist speaker

Group work

Managing your business

Personal action logs

Re-presenting business plan

- Revised from day one

- Explaining challenges/milestones

- Identifying areas of support

Feedback given

Wrap up and preparation for days six and seven

Personal action logs and close incubator

            You Provide the Idea                   We Develop YOUR Idea

            You Provide the Intent                 We Develop YOUR Intent

            You Provide the Potential            We Develop YOUR Potential


“Aspire’s ETP was a challenging yet rewarding programme. Being able to meet like-minded people, who shared my ambitions, I learnt so much in such a short space of time.”

Debbie Monroe, Little Pitch Perfect


“My husband and I learnt where we were going wrong with our business. Having attended the ETP, we were able to re-focus and prioritise with the help of others on the course. The course is intense yet intimate – Jay was able to get us to think differently, which helped us to develop a more purposeful business strategy.”

Jenny and Patrick Thomson, Elite Systems


“I took a small risk attending this course due to how much it was taking from my development budget – yes I had a budget! I see this as an investment. In the three months after attending, I am already making a small profit – but more than that, I’m actually understanding how to grow my business and manage it better.”

Nick Cavendish, Croc-a-Dial


“This is a 3-day investment – Jay delivered clearly a mixture of theory, and hands on application to us on the course. He makes you ask yourself hard questions about your business idea’s. I learnt a lot on the 3 days and I know my business will be successful now.”

Raju Malhotra, Gems and Stones





Vietnam - Only $2400
(*Per Person)
Early Bird Discounts Available | Minimum 18 Pax - Maximum 25 Pax

2022 Dates
Ho Chi Minh City

Malaysia - ONLY
RM 15,000*
(*Per Person)
Payment Plans Available | Minimum 18 Pax - Maximum 25 Pax

2022 Dates
Kuala Lumpur
Venues Traders Hotel | Hilton Hotel | Novotel

3 Day ETP
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