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At Aspire we understand that working in certain industry sectors, the need of confidence in your role are essential for personal growth and achieving success. We deliver programs that are for people’s personal safety, building people’s confidence, using the right communication techniques and making them more assertive in their approach to any situation.

These are now needed more so within the health and social sector for people working with the vulnerable (adults and young people), people working in lone situations, the care environment and also employees of local authorities and the private sector that find themselves exposed to all of the previously mentioned categories. 


We are specialists in delivering personal and people safety training to private, voluntary, and public sector organisations, using skilled, experienced, and qualified instructors who offer a wide range of training excellence.


In delivering our courses we provide delegates with unique structured programs that are simple to follow yet provide confidence, assertiveness, and awareness in avoiding conflict, improving personal safety, and awareness of the safety and vulnerability of others in their situations.

Programs we deliver are:


ASPIREcare™ Dynamic Risk Assessment

Conflict Management (8 Step Self-Defence) | Conflict Management (Disengagement/Holding Techniques)

Suicide Prevention | Suicide Prevention (Young People)

TAP-C™ Assertiveness, Influencing and Self-Empowerment Techniques

Contact us for more information on all of the programs above or if you have any questions.

We are able to design bespoke programs depending on the needs of your organisation.

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Dynamic Risk Assessment

For workers that work in lone environments or potentially unsafe surroundings, a dynamic risk assessment can be the difference, between injury, harm and working safely.

The ASPIREcare™ Dynamic Risk Assessment process will help identify, evaluate and measure risk for an individual, organisations, and others.

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Conflict Management

Our introductory conflict management course has been designed to manage a persons personal safety at work, and building confidence to make them more assertive in all situations. Along with the dynamic risk assessment we will introduce the 8 Step Self-Defence techniques.

This workshop is designed to be delivered into the private sector, voluntary and public sector by a qualified instructor.

From a personal safety perspective, our programs are designed with ethical principles, physical interventions, a person’s mental capacity and consent, common law in self-defence and personal safety as well as understanding the meaning of reasonable force.

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Suicide Prevention

Our Half-day and 1-day workshops help participants to identify if and when someone is considering suicide. We provide the skills and knowledge in how to intervene and encourage someone with suicidal thoughts to stay alive.

We use real life scenarios to create interactive and engaging situations, delivered in a safe way, managing peoples emotions with our experienced trainers.

Our programs are designed to be delivered into schools (for teachers and students), local authority, and industry sectors where our support is required.

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