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Technology development and digitalisation create enormous opportunities for your company to increase customer value by streamlining processes, increasing quality, creating new revenue streams, and reducing production costs. However, these challenges are significant. Developing and introducing a digitalisation of a business requires a systematically approach, changes in leadership style, and a completely new mind-set in the production chain. Our approach to creating an Industry 4.0 environment and culture is a structured step-by-step process to support companies of all sizes and industry sectors in their development and evolution.

Industry 4.0 represents a paradigm shift from a 'centralised' to a 'decentralised' smart manufacturing using advanced embedded technologies or 'cyber-physical systems' that foster intelligent M2M (machine-2-machine) communication creating an IoT (Internet of Things). We will explore how these will change a conventional industrial production to connected, intelligent manufacturing through smart factories, products and services.

The Purpose of our programme is to offer a unique training program from the UK with focus on sustainability, competence and innovation ability. We understand that globalisation makes companies meet competitors in a completely different way than before. The training program provides you with insight into challenges and opportunities of digitalisation and cloud platforming, and lays a foundation for strategic decisions. 

The Four/Five/Eight-Day workshop certified by ITOL (Institute of Training and Organisational Learning) is directed at decision makers and influencers within companies that want to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities that this new industrial revolution creates.

The Workshop is made up using a blended approach to learning, including: lecture, interactive exercises, group work, case study and facilitated study. The workshop will also consist of an assessed practical exercise to achieve the ITOL certification.

Training Dates 2019


9 - 10 April           2 Day Introduction to I4.0 (flyer below)            Hilton Petaling Jaya      Kuala Lumpur 


3 Dates TBC        4 Day Embarking on Industry 4.0 (HRDF Funded)

TBC                      4 Day Finance 4.0

TBC                      3 Day SMART City Boot Camp

TBC                  5 Day Enabling Industry 4Ward into your Business

TBC                      3 Day Leadership Change in a 4.0 World

TBC                      2 Day Changing the Mindset of a Digital Workforce

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