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Like the seasons in a year, or the weather every hour, or your day-to-day activities, the only thing that is truly constant in your lives is change.

A business or organisation cannot afford to stand still, become stagnant. New challenges are always needed, improvements are always appreciated. What you need to know however, is that every change you make should be planned and careful attention when implementing, or you may find that the savings you are trying to make become the costs you didn't want.

Approaching your challenges using the simple, yet very effective Four Principles in Change Management we enact positive and productive change for your organisation.

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What is Change Management?

Change management explores the theories from many disciplines including behavioural science, psychology, engineering and systems thinking. we will work with you using different models such as Lewin's Change Management Model which breaks down the process into three key stages, unfreeze-change-freeze, and also the more comprehensive Kotter's 8-Step Change Model.

The central idea of working with us is that all change management theories should never happen in isolation. In one way or another, the impact of change affects the whole organisation and all of the people in it. But using a good change management process, we will be able to encourage everyone to adapt and embrace a new way of working.

How Will We Work With You?

This is what we do best at ASPIRE - we work with you. From our work across the public and private sectors both here in the UK and across the globe, we know it takes more than new structures and processes to make change stick. It takes inspired leadership, genuine engagement and new ways of thinking and behaving. We will work with you and your teams by:

  • Developing the case for change

    • by working with your senior leaders, change specialists and influencers, we will get clarity on the vision and build the case for change that makes sense to your organisation, both rationally and emotionally.

  • Designing the change strategy

    • we will help you to understand what is driving change, how it is affecting your organisation and how best to approach it.

  • Delivering change

    • we will embers ourselves into your teams, providing flexible support in a way that works for you as we know that all organisations are different. We can improve on any frameworks for delivering change and help tp develop the tools and skills to bring it to life​.

  • Shaping your organisational culture

    • we will get your people thinking and working in new ways so that you achieve the results you want and need from change​.

  • Engaging your people

    • by helping you share your vision, with innovative communications that will help win hearts and minds, and let your people experience a new and improved future work.​ 

  • Developing your change leaders

    • we will work with your change leaders by giving them the personal awareness and practical tools they need to lead your people through the change more effectively.



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