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In the Classroom
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Being competent and well-performing teacher is one of the most important resources in any educational institution. The teacher is considered the professional agent and the most directly responsible person in the process of learning; they are the ones in charge of making/helping students learn and benefit or suffer from the quality of his teaching.  


Given this, the teacher and the quality of their teaching is always under discussion and receive prevalent importance in education. 


Our interventions support the Continued Professional Development (CPD) for teachers as it is recognised that in some countries teacher development is not always at the forefront of the school development. therefore our programs have been designed to support these teachers without being intrusive, but being challenging. 

Working with Education Ministry's from Oman, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and India we have supported in the role of consultant and delivering training programs to up-skill the teaching population in schools, colleges, institutes and University.

We deliver a number of programs to support the development of teachers in delivering best practice. The following programs have been designed to support:

2 Day Removing Low-Level Disruption to Improve Learning 2 Day Behaviour Management Masterclass 

2 Day Coping with Difficult Conversations 

2 Day Improving Classroom Performance 

2 Day An End to Passive Learning 

2 Day Classroom Management 

2 Day Growth in Mindset in Teaching and Learning 

4 Day Improving Teacher Management Techniques 

15 Day Aspire Head Teacher Program 

And More…



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