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Reach for the Stars

"I'm helping put a man on the moon, Mr. President"

This is apparently the response given when the U.S. President (John F Kennedy) asked a janitor what he was doing at NASA during his visit in 1962.

However true this story is, I appreciate the response given by the janitor, as he understood his value and his contribution to an historic event. He was part of something big, bigger than himself and in fact bigger than anyone else working at NASA at that time.

How much do you value the people you are recruiting?

Time and again, I meet managers that tell me they've recruited the wrong person, and in my last post I explained that the manager almost never takes the responsibility of the failure of this person and put the responsibility solely on that person too.

As a recruiting manager, do you live the values and ethos of your business? Are your people allowed to live the values, or even expected to know what these are?

When a company starts the selection process, they sometimes advertise that they are a values driven organisation. But how many actually understand the meaning of a creating a values driven organisation, that allows their people to Reach for the Stars.

Again, in my last post I spoke about the investment that must be made in order to have the right people engaged in developing themselves that helps to grow the business.

When a person is selected for the role they have applied for, they should not only be chosen for their knowledge, experience and skills; but also for the what they want to achieve in your/their business.

Let them create an impact, let them feel inspired, let them achieve their goals, let them fulfil their destiny, let them change worlds.


Do not forget, when recruiting your new people, it is also the opportunity for the candidate to decide if your business, organisation and you are the ones that will allow them to be innovative, creative and evolutionary.

INSPIRE your people, and they will ASPIRE to succeed

Jay Acharya | Director | Aspire Consulting and Training Ltd

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