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Aspire 2 LEAD has been developed for all roles within an organisation (C-Suite, Department Heads, Managers, Team Leader, Supervisor and so on), with the programme clearly mapping out the skills and areas of knowledge required to be more effective within their roles by understanding their people and expectations.


The programmes will sit alongside the day-to-day operations of their role, whatever their level, and be a practical guide and reference point to use when working with their people in various settings.


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We will develop your leadership capacity so that it can accelerate any business transformation. At ASPIRE we know that leadership underpins all of the success that is needed to enhance a business. Change, talent, teams, engagement, innovation and collaboration stand or fall on the quality of leadership.


Our suite of leadership development will further support a company's needs from entry level building self-awareness, confidence and initiative; we work with the talent that is your organisation's future and support the development of a leadership culture.


Our engagement will enable role-holders to find natural authority, broaden horizons and develop skills for collaboration, dialogue and innovation. For the most senior leaders, we support the political awareness, increasing skills for scanning and critical thinking and deepen understanding of governance and of the widest social, environmental and economic context of leadership.

FIVE 1-Day Modules

Aspire's Flagship
Global Leadership Program

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Becoming a more effective and strategic leader involves delegates in a complex process of changing behaviours, based on an understanding of leadership and on the development of a range of personal and interpersonal skills.

The aim of this programme is to develop the cognitive and behavioural skills necessary to undertake a strategic investigation into senior leadership and management in each context by utilising strategic leadership and management approaches.


This program is for 12 MONTHS which includes 100 Learning Hours. Face-2-face, 1-2-1 Coaching, Group Webinars and reading instruction.

ASPIRE expects each person achieving a return on investment (ROI) for your business as part of undertaking any development training programme with us. 

Designed for C-Suite, senior managers and leaders who are seeking to develop themselves, who recognise they must satisfy various stakeholders and who want to invest in their own personal brand. They are looking to make the best use of resources, understand the need to innovate and optimise performance.

They may also have to present arguments for change, construct business cases, lead change implementation and evaluate the impact of that change.​

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Price Public Program Per Pax

GBP £12950.00
USD $16495.00

In-House Private

GBP £34950.00
USD $43950.00

Client Feedback

"We attended the 2019/20 cohort which started off as a F2F and ended up as online. This did not distract for the amazing sessions. Jay has been fantastic throughout and has taught my partner and I so much for developing our business and growing it. The pandemic damaged so many businesses, but with his ongoing coaching, we have pulled through and grown into area's we didn't  know we could penetrate. WORTH EVERY DOLLAR"

G J Gurumurthy COO - Rubber Manufacturing - India

"Jay understand business, the challenges of clients, staff, services and the supply chain. I was able to implement the learning with the support from my cohort and grew the business by developing and understanding my teams. You need to attend this program if you want to grow."

 C Tersmeden HR Director - Warehousing and Supply Chain - Switzerland


"This is definitely a global program. My cohort started in Malaysia and we managed to go to Vietnam and Indonesia, before the pandemic struck. I built such a great network of support on this workshop. I learnt so much from Jay and the other delegates. Friends for life I believe. My business grew as I was able to put learning in place during the sessions, and support offered by Jay was invaluable with the coaching and the webinars. 12 months went too fast, and I was able to introduce aspects to my team throughout the sessions."

K Von-Graul CFO - Global Logistics - Singapore

AIPLD Dis and Tran Lead

Leadership  and Management Programmes 

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