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2022 | Course Dates

14 - 18 November

| Module One - Singapore

21 - 25 November

| Module Two - Kuala Lumpur

| £ 9995.00

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The Strategic Leader

10 Day Certificate - The Strategic Leader.png

10 Day Certificate

The Strategic Leader



This ASPIRE training course is suitable to a wide range of ambitious professionals, but will greatly benefit:

  • Management teams

  • Team members

  • Administrators

  • Professionals from any industry who may find it hard to take a “bigger picture” view of business issues - Both within and outside of the strategic planning process

  • Anyone who wish to enhance their negotiation skills and make negotiation a more rewarding and effective part of their job

This ASPIRE  training course on The Strategic Leader brings together the key strategic leadership skills of strategic planning, negotiation and conflict management required to succeed in today’s complex and challenging business environment.


'Strategy' is as it says in the classic text 'the art of war', complex yet when understood very simple, those who have a successful strategy are in control of the upcoming events.

The implementation of strategies often requires the ability to exert influence and negotiate effectively. Negotiation is not litigation, neither is it war. Negotiation is not about obtaining total victory. Total victory by one party tends to be short lived. Negotiation and conflict management are key strategic management and leadership skills and are probably the single most used skills in business today.

The course is split into 2 x 5 Day Sessions.


This training course will enable you to:

  • Challenge your pre-conceptions about strategic planning, negotiation and conflict management

  • Understand the content of strategy - unravelled, demystified and translated into everyday language

  • Learn how to implement the strategic planning process and get real value out of the process

  • Learn how to analyse the much-misunderstood concept of win-win negotiation

  • Obtain the essential tools and practical skills for the planning and management of the negotiation and conflict process, thereby developing the ability to negotiate value-creating solutions


By the end of this training course, you will be able to:

  • Learn the key stages in the entire process, providing a takeaway toolkit for each key stage and each delegates

  • Apply to management issues, learn option generation, opportunity cost, choice and implementation phases of strategy

  • Understand the process of change, planning, organisational strategy and change

  • Identify the sources of conflict in the professional environment

  • Gain awareness of your own style in approaching conflict and negotiation

  • Learn how to achieve true win-win results & expand your range of negotiating skills

  • Use a three-step planning guide to analyse and prepare for a negotiation

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