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2022 | Course Dates

10 - 14 October

| Dubai

| £ 4495.00

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Leading High Performance Teams

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5 Day Certificate

Leading High

Performing Teams



This Leading High Performing Teams training course is suitable to a wide range of leadership and management functions from experienced leaders through to junior / middle managers who might be new to the role of leadership:

  • Leaders who are looking to update their skillset and ability

  • Managers who have taken on a new team leadership role

  • Managers who have a challenging team or feel their teams are ‘stuck’

  • Senior Management wanting to learn modern leadership techniques

  • Project Managers or those with a project management role

A lot of focus is put on leadership development when in reality the leader is just one person, the real driving force behind a leader’s success is their team. A team operating effectively as a single unit will always outperform the best individual operating on their own. More importantly, no matter how knowledgeable and competent individual members of team may be, a dysfunctional team will undermine organisational goals, drain morale and waste effort.

With the increased commercial pressures and target driven cultures many leaders are now considering how to get the highest levels of performance from their people. The single most important factor in driving effective teamwork and team engagement is the behavior and style of the leader. This ASPIRE Leading High Performing Teams online training course explains how to harness the team’s potential, and introduces techniques for moving the team to peak performance.

This Management & Leadership online training course is highly interactive and participants are expected to discuss their unique situation as well as practicing the tools they are learning.

Highlights include:

  • Discovering the link between the leader’s behavior and team performance

  • Finding new ways to measure and manage performance

  • Unique techniques to truly tap into motivation

  • Harnessing the dynamics of the team through personality profiling

  • Optimising team flexibility and commitment using advanced coaching skills


At the end of this online training course, you will learn to:

  • Understand what elements of your role as leader give greatest return

  • Identify and leverage individual talent within the team

  • Engage and motivate the team using vision techniques

  • Establish clear objectives and standards of performance for your team

  • Read personality preferences and adapt your leadership accordingly

  • Manage and use advanced coaching techniques to replace ‘tell’ with ‘ask’

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